A Sturdy Origami Canoe that can Take you Places

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You’ve no doubt seen an origami boat before, folded from a single sheet of paper. There’s a good chance you’ve either made one yourself or at least attempted to before you were out of childhood. Well, have you ever actually been in one?. Surely you have imagined yourself perched on that paper boat sailing away over the water. Hey! Snap out of it! Your childhood dream has come true!

Otto Van De Steene and Thomas Weyn (not related to Batman’s father) have been working tirelessly for several years to turn this fantasy into reality. After creating over 15 life-size prototypes of the paper boat, they turned to Kickstarter with a working design. Amassing more than $167,000, they started building a commercial origami canoe that floated on more than just dreams.

When they finished with the final product, they took it for a spin throughout Europe. Mass production soon followed this successful tour..

The “Onak,” as the boat is named, can be folded into a compact space for easy storage and transport. It is of course not made of paper, but of a polypropylene material that provides the required seaworthiness and extreme light weight. It’s portable and light enough for one person to easily carry anywhere, but bring a friend… on the water it’s big enough for two!


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