Ever dreamed of an automated alcohol vending machine that fills a glass to your heart’s content? The Randolph Beer bar located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, has come up with just this. The ‘Beer ATM’ is what the folks in town are calling it. Simply pick your brand, insert a card, and start gulping down the frothy liquid.

There are as many as 24 types of NYC-based beers to choose from. All you need to do is exchange your credit card for a specialized beer card. Take your pick from the 24 different machines and fill up your glass. If you are woefully unaware of the brands on the shelf, you can even choose to try an ounce of the brew. The filling capacity ranges from 1 ounce to 12 ounces, allowing you to taste the entire variety and fill your preferred brew up to the brim.

By now, you may have started to wonder if it’s a trick to burn your pockets. Not quite! The bar has several offers running throughout the weekend. There are many discounts specially lined up for beer-enthusiasts who choose to serve themselves. Let’s face it, how many times have you been left stranded for liquor in a crowded pub. You may have had to cleave your way to the bartender. The Randolph is definitely one of the most jam-packed bars in the city, but fear not, the beer ATM significantly reduces your wait time.

This doesn’t mean that the Randolph bar is entirely devoid of bartenders. For all you whiskey, rum, and vodka enthusiasts, there are still quite a few top-notch barkeeps to serve you your favorite drink. The best news? There are rumors in other pubs about installing ATM machines that accommodate all kinds of liquor. Now that this idea is in the market, you won’t have to wait long!


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