MATRIX, Smartwatch With Unlimited Charge.

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One of the main problems with all modern devices is charge. We are always out battery, but now there is a solution. PowerWatch 2 is the follow-up of an already successful and revolutionary product able to use the heat released from wrist. PowerWatch 2 has turned from a bicolor screen smartwatch to a 1.2-inch color display, with provision for thermic roload, heart rate monitoring, a compass function, pace, and even cadence tracking. But the main characteristic is still the same, you do not have to charge it.

The product, even if provided with very effective features, does not aim to compete with renewed smartwatches but rather says that the target audience is in fact, “outdoor types”; for those who might be situations where having to lug around an extra charger is more a nuisance than a convenience.

In PowerWatch 2 there’s no shortage of tools such as. The design is sporty and inspire motion. The product has already raised $1,879,279 of funding. This smartwatch has potential, and just a scratch on surface of its potential has been made so far.


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