Traditional laptop stands are bulky and it takes a long time to set them up. The MOFT laptop stand is set to change that, it is lightweight, portable, convenient and practical invisible. It’s an adhesive laptop stand makes you move freely and enjoy comfort anywhere you work. MOFT is a natural, seamless attachment to your computer.

Thin as a coin (a ninth of an inch, 30mm), and light as a pen (2.3 oz; 65g), the MOFT laptop stand takes 1 second to open and close. The stand is attached with glue to the back of any laptop so it will not leave marks or scratches on the finish.  Its attachable and re-attachable with the same strong effectiveness.

The MOFT laptop stand provides two different elevation adjustments for different comfort levels. The high-lifting level significantly optimizes the sitting posture, applying a 3-inch (7.6 cm) raise to the laptop screen. The low-lifting level supports the wrists when writing and can be perfectly adaptable to standing desks.

Built from a unique material of polyurethane and fiberglass, it can It can hold up more than 18 lbs (8kg) and adapts to a large variety to environments.Suitably themed towards MacBooks, it’s compatible with a wide range of Laptops. Best used on flat – bottom laptops or tablets with no vents in the laptops center area. The MOFT laptop stand is currently available for $ 19 on Kickstarter and comes in a 4 types of colors – silver, space gray, gold, and rose gold.      


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