Miso is Japan’s best known fermented seasoning. Recently its use has crossed international borders, becoming a favorite in French, Italian and Chinese cuisine. Moreover, despite being a flavorful addition in many meals, miso has also been receiving attention for its health benefits.

KAKUKYU, the Hatcho Miso company, has been protecting the taste of Hatcho Miso and its cultural significance for 19 generations. Since the founding of the company in 1645, they continue to convey the traditional taste and recipe of Hatcho Miso for over 370 years. Hatcho Miso’s name derives from its origin, Hatcho village, a place less than a mile to the west of the Okazaki Castle, the birthplace of Tokugawa Ieyasu.

The ingredients used to make Hatcho Miso are quality soybeans, water and salt. The ingredients are put in large cedarwood kegs of six tonnes capacity, covered with stones which weigh up to 3 tonnes each, and then allowed to mature over two years. Covering the cedarwood kegs with such heavy stones is a craftsman technique that is said to take ten years of preparation, and has never collapsed due to earthquakes. After maturing over  two years, the miso carefully ripens through natural brewing at ambient temperature. Due to its long shelf-life, Hatcho Miso was used by the Samurai of Mikawa.

Hatcho Miso arranges factory tours where you can see how traditional miso is produced. In the food court, you can enjoy delicious dishes made with Hatcho miso, such as curry, ice cream and more. When visiting Okazaki Castle, why not stop by Hatcho Miso to experience some wonderful traditional Japanese food culture.



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