Rejoice, the future of construction work is here. Recently, a San Francisco-based construction company named Apis Cor has successfully built an entire house using a specialized 3D printer. It sounds like something from a sci-fi movie because it really is.

3D printing technology is nothing new. In the last couple years, people have used 3D printers to create a variety of items, big and small. Yet, a mobile 3D printer capable of printing a house of any shape and size within 24 hours is truly unprecedented.

Apis Cor, with the help from their crane-like 3D printing robot, has managed to build a house from start to finish with almost no human intervention. The end result was a 409 square foot house, complete with insulation, windows, wiring, plumbing, doors, and everything else a regular house has. A task that previously required a lot more time and manpower has been accomplished overnight.

The entire construction process was not completely human-free. The printer left some space between interior and exterior walls where workers added insulation. Workers also installed walls and doors to the frame.

To test the machine’s full capabilities, Apis Cor has decided to conduct the trial in borderline inhuman conditions just outside of Moscow, Russia. The temperature outside was well beneath the freezing point so a tent had to be put over the construction site to regulate temperature. This merely shows how adaptable their 3D printer really is. The CEO of the company has even stated that Apis Cor is capable of building on Mars.

The interior

Although the house was not 100% machine built, it is still a remarkable achievement. Imagine building in places where we previously couldn’t because of human limitations; the possibilities are truly endless.

In 2016, Apis Cor was awarded “Startup of the Year” for its unique concept. Oh, one more thing, it only cost $10, 000.


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