There was the time of the bulky digital watch which tracked your fitness regime day in and day out. Then came the light-weight fitness band which you could wrap around your bare shoulder and show off to whoever cared at the jogger’s park. And now, welcome the fitness ring of the future with open arms! It is easily noticeable on your finger, but no one could imagine its innumerable functions.

It is now so passe to show off your technological instruments while working out. So this is the perfect solution. The Motiv fitness ring sits neatly on either your index, middle, or ring finger and records overall calories burned, activity duration, distance covered, average heart rate statistics, sleep time, and resting heart rate.

The miniature battery of the Motiv ring lasts for about 5 days and gets fully charged in about 90 minutes. Your order includes two chargers – one charger can be fitted into your laptop or switch, and the other can safely cling to your keychain. The process of charging is automated and magnetic. Simply bring the ring close to the charger. The device will instantly latch on to it.

If you base your fitness regime on swimming, you don’t need to remove and tuck the Motiv fitness ring inside your backpack. It is completely waterproof. The details of your workout will be securely stored in the app available exclusively for iOS users.

After you place your order, a sizing kit will first arrive at your doorstep, which the makers will use to fashion a ring that will fit your preferred finger perfectly.



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