Ever dreamed of an easier way to commute in the future? Electric bikes that would assist your pedaling during a long ride will be at the top of your list. The fold-able e-bikes available in the market today take quite a bit of time to unfold. And unfortunately, they are even illegal in some parts of the world. In a region like New York City, you would be better off riding a normal bike than seen with its electric counterpart.

The Gi FlyBike cannot exactly be classified as an electric bike. It comprises of a sophisticated pedal assist system that can take you over 40 miles before losing steam. Thus, you can readily use it in any city without facing consequences. The major highlight of this bike is the ease at which it can be unfolded. Normal foldable bikes can take you more than 30 seconds to unfold. However, the Gi FlyBike can be disentangled in just about a second.

In its compact state, it can be carried on your back without hassle. Weighing about 37 lbs, you can take it on a trekking expedition without breaking a sweat. And once you reach your destination, you can effortlessly unfold the bike and start cycling in perfect harmony with nature.

The Gi FlyBike also has its very own app that enables full control of the bike from locking it, tracking your bike’s location and bike routes, and sharing your favorite routes on social media. You can even lend your bike to a friend by giving them an access code through the app.

The design is visionary and futuristic, quite like the one you encounter in sci-fi movies. The only issue that the manufacturers are facing is the production cost. The creators of this fantastical bike need to amass close to half a million dollars in order to enable mass production. You can contribute to the Gi Fly movement on their website and bag several freebies, including a brand new bike or two!



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