As you may have learned in school, crops can only grow in specific environments. You can’t hope to cultivate corn in the winter or harvest it in the spring. That is where indoor farms comes into the picture.

Bowery Farming has come up with a unique way to combine sophisticated hydroponic methods and LED lighting to render the perfect environment for growing crops indoors. Their cultivation and harvesting procedure is entirely automated. Thus, as a customer, you can order any type of produce throughout the year without compromising its taste. Fresh crops will be available for your consumption any time of the day or the night. And the best part? You are guaranteed their optimum edibility at a reasonable price.

There are several different factors involved in producing a good crop apart from the weather; the most important one being water. Without water, you can’t expect to grow any kind of crop. However, with the aid of technology available at Bowery, they are able to cultivate most crops with impeccable taste by utilizing just about 10% of the water called for by traditional procedures. This efficient technology Bowery has invented is crucial as we tackle climate change.

The types of nutrients that directly affect the agricultural profile of the crop are carefully monitored by Bowery’s employees, including the intensity of light. Needless to say, every individual hired by Bowery is an agricultural professional that has dedicated their life to producing remarkable crops in the shortest possible time.

Bowery is committed to growing produce locally, adding a unique twist to the farm-to-table trend. Their produce can be found in three supermarkets and two restaurants in the New York/New Jersey area.

As the Bowery website states, their vegetables “ask for way less and give you way more.” Learn more about their breakthrough farming techniques here.


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