Tired of lacing up your shoes every morning when heading out for a jog? Do you prefer loafers for their slip-on / slip-off convenience? How about if your socks could be magically transfigured into light-weight shoes? Skinners Technologies have made this idea into a wish come true! While they won’t teach you the magic, they will certainly provide you with handy, compact shoes that look, feel, and weigh more like socks.

Skinners, as the invention is called, are feather-light shoes that can be slipped on like regular socks. The sole, or rather the base of the footwear, is made out of a sturdy yet flexible material that can withstand high pressures on any kind of terrain. It is waterproof as well. The design may be elementary, but the manufacturing is highly sophisticated – including internal natural cooling, viscose threading, silver-based antibacterial yarns, and unique mesh ventilation zones. Thus, you can experience the extraordingary level of comfort offered by any hi-tech shoeon the market but without actually wearing a shoe.

While minimalist footwear may not be a new concept, no manufacturer has dared to streamline a shoe into a sock. Until now that is! Skinners allow you to comfortably join the ranks of those hardcore joggers who prefer to run barefoot.  And they store far more compactly than any shoe!

Just don’t run through snow. Being extremely well ventilated, Skinners are not designed for running in cold weather conditions. Thus, if you reside in a place frequented by cold winds, these beauties are not for you.

What about washing? Just use the gentle cycle. Easy!


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