The New England based technology company, WobbleWorks, is bringing 3D printing back; this time, in pen form. Employing a similar idea as the traditional hot glue gun, the 3Doodler Pro is loaded with strands of different material that get heated up and released through the pen nozzle.

The 3Doodler Pro offers incredible versatility with newly available materials like copper, wood, bronze, polycarbonate, and nylon. By being able to alter the temperature, speed, and fan strength, users can now create objects in unprecedented ways with incredible precision. But it doesn’t stop there: the new model comes with 6 different nozzles, everything from a square and triangle shape to the traditional circular tip. Users can now achieve all desired finishes.

The 3Doodler Bundle Kit not only comes with the pen, but with a charger, extra battery pack, nozzle set, maintenance tools, storage case, and 100 strands of plastic filament. The 3Doodler Pro is specifically made for a target audience of creative professionals like architects, industrial designers, artists, and engineers.

Traditional 3D printers were not only over-priced, but also restricted the size of printed objects; if you wanted to print a bigger object, investing in a more expensive desktop printer was the only option. With the 3Doodler Pro, however, creative professionals can produce 3D objects of any size, big or small.

3D printing has never been this easy. Creative professionals can now prototype their ideas within minutes, enabling a new sense of spontaneity for artsy workers. The desktop 3D printer boom was a thing of the past. Pick up your 3Doodler Pro for just $249 at a Moma Design Store, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Macy’s.


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