The Somabar might just be the greatest invention for cocktail lovers. With a simple click of a button, the Keurig-like cocktail machine can make a custom cocktail within five seconds. The effortlessness of getting a cocktail made in your own home is something we have never seen before.

This countertop cocktail maker is controlled through a simple app. With over 300 versatile cocktail options, users will never get bored of the endless possibilities. Whether you have a go-to cocktail or want to try something new, the Somabar app has a choice for everyone. Users can even add bitters or syrups for further variation.

The “robotic bartender for your home” comes with six Soma Pods that users fill with desired liquor and mixers. Soma Pods are dishwasher friendly and fit in the standard fridge for a deliciously chilled cocktail. Furthermore, the Somabar is fitted with a self-cleaning system so that users can make different cocktails in a row without worrying about cross-contamination. And with its top-notch proprietary static mixing technology that replaces the classic cocktail shaker, you are ensured to get a well-mixed cocktail every time.

Dreams really do come true- we have co-founders Dylan Purcell-Lowe and Ammar Jangbawala to thank for this amazing invention. This mess-free, custom craft cocktail making robot should belong in all cocktail-lover’s kitchen; pre-order your Somabar for $499.


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