You read it right. There is no need to clean this juicer, AKA Juisir, ever! This exceptional product comes with biodegradable bags that keep the residue completely separate from the juice. Thus, all you need to do is dump the residue and restore the bags without ever touching the complex mechanism of the juicer. Every other part of the product remains plum and fresh, ready to extract more juice from more fruits.

Perhaps this gizmo reminds you of another famous product, the Juicero. The makers of the Juicero apparently invented the bag system in the juicer, but they weren’t quite successful after it became obvious that the bags could simply be squeezed to make the juice. For that, it could be judged a bit expensive, too, all things considered.

However, if you already own the Juicero and are still brooding over its inefficiency, you can return the product to get a 25% discount on the Juiser. While the Juiser may work on a similar concept, the manufacturing quality is far more reliable and precise. All you need to do is cut the fruits into small pieces, cram them into the Juiser, and let it work its magic. By the end of 90 seconds, the 8 ton pressure on the fruit chops will have released a delectable vat of juice in the container, ready and waiting to be sipped by your guests.

Then, what about cleaning? How about none? Simply dump the peeled out contents of the bags in the bin. The  Juiser will be ready for the next round, just like new. Don’t clean the product, because you don’t need to!


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