The Las Vegas Winter Market 2021 is scheduled to take place January 24-28, 2021 at the Las Vegas Design Center. Surprisingly enough, the show was not cancelled due to Coronavirus Concerns. However,strict health & safety protocols were implemented.

The show provides thousands of cross-category furniture, gift and home decor resources, as well as access to quality accommodations, dining, and recreation.The venue draws approximately 500,000 attendees from all around the globe as well as 4,000 + exhibitors.

About The Show

The Las Vegas Market Show is the West Coast’s largest design event! It connects buyers to sellers in the largest showroom complex in the world for the home and hospitality furnishings industry, serving domestic and international sellers and buyers.

The event is being organised bi-annually with a Summer and Winter showcase, making it one of the largest bi-annually held trade show events in the world.It’s a great opportunity to connect with buyers and a great showcase of the depth of products offered. It is essentially an industry platform ideal for networking and fostering new relationships.

Take advantage of Market-Only specials. Markets provide an efficient venue to meet with multiple vendors at one time, in one location. Many showrooms and exhibitors offer show specials available only while at the Market, so Market can save you money. Shop Thousands of Unique Products. With 2000+ home and gift brands, Las Vegas Market always presents a fresh assortment of products and resources to help you set yourself apart from your competition.


The Preview

Start here for exclusive content on product intros, trends and business strategies. And don’t miss the new Industry Voices section featuring market experts and thought leaders.

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First Look 

This tool is available to all show exhibitors. Create captivating stories to tell your customers. Las Vegas Market’s proprietary FIRST LOOK program offers trend forecasts that go beyond color of the year. Curated by industry veteran Julie Smith Vicenti, vignettes encompass product and purpose, incorporating key cultural influences that easily transition into the consumer’s home.

Virtual Showhouse

Interior designers created a concept to showcase how cross-category product resources from this show could blend in an environment. Meet  “build the room” – two living rooms, two home offices, a big girl’s room, a teen room, two master bedrooms, two lounges, and a kitchen/family room. Take a look at their carefully curated designs!

Products within each of Build the Room PDFs are linked directly to the exhibitor’s profile, for easy shopping & connections. Also, look for the ShopZio button on the exhibitor’s page!

Las Vegas Market Summer 2020

Together Safely at Las Vegas Market

Exciting things at Winter Market 2020

Why Las Vegas Market?

Source: The Las Vegas Market website


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