Lily is a voice speaker that can effectively teach Chinese. Many studies show how the fastest way to learn a language is not through studying hours on books or the use of a basic app but through concrete conversation with other people or, in this case, with Lily.

It is possible to speak with Lily and get a response in real-time. Every translation or conversation  is stored in the mobile app so that can be recovered later on. The software has been developed from language learners and machine learning engineers, who specialize in voice processing.

Another great feature is high-quality design and added functionalities that make a optimal home speaker out of Lily. The product come in different colour and with a kicking price of 179$ plus shipping.

Main Features:

• 100% voice-controlled
• Interactive conversations with an AI
• From beginner to advanced level
• Real-time translation
• Voice games for vocabulary training
• Chinese voice assistant
• App to see Pinyin & learn Chinese characters
• Pronunciation correction
• Chinese exam preparation
• High-quality sound from Harman & JBL engineering



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