For two weeks each year, Las Vegas joins the likes of New York City and Paris as one of the world’s greatest fashion hubs.

The biannual MAGIC fashion convention — which will run AUGUST 12-14, 2019— will draw more than 80 000  industry experts from across the globe for the world’s largest fashion trade show.

MAGIC is where the business of fashion takes place—buyers and sellers from around the world come together to discover the new trends. This trade show is any fashion lover’s dream, with many celebrities, bloggers, brands, and plenty of fashion trends to discover.

MAGIC features 3525 suppliers, from big names (Levi’s, Nike etc.) to small businesses. Here you will find the latest in apparel, footwear, accessories, and manufacturing.

The show is divided into 13 sections, six at the Las Vegas Convention Center and seven at Mandalay Bay, which makes it easier for buyers to target specific suppliers.

Separated sections, like the Children’s Club, Footwear Sourcing and Project Womens, help buyers to find what they are looking for. Other sections are designed to draw attention to smaller and independent brands and luxury brands, and to highlight specific types of clothing or accessories.

Make sure you don’t miss this occasion to attend the world’s biggest fashion trade show on August 12-14, 2019! Any visitor can join the trade show for free.

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