Mate X is the first ebike built with nothing but pedaling and city life in mind. Unlike other electric or pedal-assisted bikes , Mate x is relatively low cost. The Mate X funding tiers at $799, plus $200 for delivery anywhere worldwide. The bike’s impressive engine and brakes combined with that big tires make the bike able to deal with any surface.

The Mate X, can be folded completely in just about 10 seconds. That can be a huge relief for many urban customers since you can fold it in the car or take it on public transport. MATE X is provided with a much more powerful engine of up to 750W together with a massive 48V battery.

The 48V 14.5 Ah model (696Wh) can provide up to 40-60 miles of pedal assistance. The project  has already raised over $15,843,289 thanks to thousands of backers.


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