Are you bitten by the travel bug? Is that annoying little feeling in your belly adrenaline or wanderlust? Are you a rugged mountaineer who doesn’t believe in aiming for anything less than the clouds? Are you an adventurer at heart who jumps at the sight of a risky undertaking? If so, then you are bound to love the latest offering by Slughaus.

‘Wolverine’, a compact light-weighted backpack has hit the market. Slughaus has redefined the term Everyday Carry with their latest offering. Wolverine has a simple punching bag like design with a detachable sling. There’s also a flexible carry handle at the top. It may be an ordinary looking backpack, but its utility lies in the details.

In its full glory, the Wolverine measures 22 inches and has a volume capacity of 20 liters. But, get this, it can also be shrunk to fit the palm of your hand! You can stash it inside your pocket for later use. Additionally, if you don’t have 20 liters worth of supplies to dump in the backpack, the flexible roll top will allow you to shrink it to the required volume. You can get the size down to as low as 5 liters. Optimum utility!

The fabric is water resistant for up to 1 ATM. Nothing will happen to the contents inside if you accidentally drop the bag into a lake. Keep it immersed for too long and the water will start seeping in. So, make sure that you don’t take a dip with the Wolverine strapped to your back.

And we have saved the best for the last. True to its namesake in the X-Men, the backpack Wolverine can also heal itself. Did a sharp-pointed rock jutting out of a cliff pierce your backpack while scaling a mountain? Simply rub your fingers over the torn fabric and voila! The puncture will be repaired in a few seconds.

Such self-healing fabrics were in play even before the Wolverine, but Slughaus made their very own ingenious improvements to the material, and aptly renamed it the ‘FuseFabric’.


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