Science has gained momentum exponentially over the past few decades. Inventions and discoveries are being applauded every other day. The science section of the newspapers is splattered with spellbinding revelations, each of which are awe-inspiring. However, more often than not, these discoveries do not relate to the average individual.

Do you know what the primary concerns of you and me are? Our work and family, of course. And do you know what factor binds these two? Stress! Oh yeah, stress is the one thing that is common within house chores and work life. And the natural remedy to stress is a good long sleep. However, a 7 hours sleep is not enough on most occasions. Heck some of us can barely even sleep for 4 hours on working days.

This is where science has stepped in. The answer to experiencing a stress-free sleep lies in Proprioceptive Input, or the science of activating pressure points across your body. When our stress spikes up, a hormone called cortisol is released in high amounts within the adrenal gland in our body. A controlled cortisol secretion is beneficial, but excessive release is harmful.

If we activate the right pressure points on our body, it will reduce the secretion of cortisol, eventually decreasing stress. Thus, if you literally hit the right buttons on your body, you will be free from stress in no time! And you don’t need to locate and activate these pressure points all by yourself.

Gravity has come up with a contemporary weighted blanket that activates the right pressure points across your body while you experience a sound sleep. Weighted blankets are not quite a recent phenomenon. They have been used for generations by medical institutions to control stress and anxiety among patients. Gravity has perfected the art and science involved in manufacturing these blankets and making them available to the masses.

They offer custom-made blankets that are generally around 7% to 12% of your body weight. Each of these blankets are equipped with crafted poly pellets that are used to activate the pressure points. The fabric is made out of a washable material called micro plush fleece. Combined with around 10% of your body weight, you will feel like you are being hugged in this blanket’s warm embrace!


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