What do you get when an attorney and a chef pair up to start a business? Well, a out-of-the-box doughnut shop as it turns out. The story of the Doughnut Project started at a bar where two friends, attorney Leslie Polizzotto and chef Troy Neal, entered a conversation about their love for doughnuts. It didn’t take them long to go from talking about doughnuts in a bar to getting a lease to start their dream business. They quickly found a place in West Village where they opened up the shop and started making their creative doughnuts.

What’s so special about Leslie and Troy’s doughnuts? Doughnuts haven’t changed much in the past 100 years, what could they possible do to make them so unique?

The Doughnut Project’s most significant innovation came from playing with savory flavor combinations. Leslie and Troy came up with an idea to add sour, spicy, salty, and any other flavor you can think of on their doughnuts. Their doughnuts are never just salty or spicy, but are a mix of a range of flavors. They are, as Leslie would say, “never just one thing.” You could get a “Bronx” doughnut with olive oil and black pepper, “These Beets Are Dope” with beet and ricotta, or “The Everything Doughnut,” a sweet cream cheese glaze and topped with sesame seeds, poppy, pepita, garlic & sea salt. The Doughnut Project continuously comes up with unprecedented flavor fusions.

The Frozen Doughnut

Their newest innovation, introduced in early June, are “Frozen Doughnuts.” These frozen doughnuts combine your two favorite desserts, ice cream and doughnuts, and are perfect option for a hot summer day. Their frozen doughnuts will be offered all summer, with these four special flavors: Blueberry/Beet with Greek Yogurt, Orange Creamsicle, Cold Brew, and Coconut Chamomile.

Blasphemy, don’t you think? You might be against savory doughnuts or frozen doughnuts, but give it a try. Their business is booming and The Doughnut Project is becoming a household name in New York. Hop on this doughnut trend and taste one of their exclusive flavors at their store in the West Village of New York City.

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