One third of all food goes in the trash. And most of this waste happens in our homes.  Silo offers to revolutionize the way you store and consume your food. Silo is a vacuum-sealing food storage solution with several smart features that was built to cut down on waste and keep food fresher longer.

The revolutionary device goes with a set of recycled plastic containers, dishwasher and microwave resistant. Users just push down on the container as it sits on the base and it is vacuum-sealed within 10 seconds.

Silo is also the first device that has Alexa built in, the Amazon virtual assistant. And also allows you to automatically track food consumption and inventory with notifications. 

Silo, the connected vacuum sealer, has raised $1.4M through the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter by more than 5,000 backers. The company didn’t reveal the final price yet, although the basic kit of two small containers and two medium containers starts at $175. Shipping is set to begin in July 2019.


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