Are you often in need of a tape measure or a ruler while working? Do you need to carry your bulky measuring instruments around when on a tour? Or are you simply a regular guy with a penchant for measuring any object that you come across?


Regardless of the purpose of your incessant calibrations and computations, it is bound to be quite a task to move around with an inflexible wooden ruler in your back pocket. Even a tape measure is quite heavy, and the flexible ruler is inconvenient. But don’t worry! Rollbe is here to dispel all your woes.


Rollbe is a compact, rather miniature, measuring tool that allows you to compute the length of any and every object. You heard me right. I mentioned ‘compute’ instead of ‘measure’, so mathematics nerds will adore (no, worship!) this tiny instrument. And the calculations are easy enough for a layman to start enjoying the normally cumbersome task of measurement.

Rollbe is circular in shape with a brass handle for rendering a better grip. There are markings on both sides of the coin-sized disc, allowing you to measure from both the right and the left. It comes in metric as well as imperial systems of measurement. 4 inch, 8 inch, 10 cm, 20 cm – take your pick. The 8 inch and 20 cm ones are generally preferred by professionals, whereas the 4 inch and 10 cm ones are ideal for regular use.

Let us take a look at how this compact measuring tool works. Say you wish to measure the length of a flat, rectangular table. You have a 4 inch Rollbe with you. Hold the contraption at the handle and turn the circular disc till you find the 4-inch mark.

Now place its circumference on one end of the table, such that the 4-inch mark is coinciding with the tabletop. Roll the Rollbe and count the number of rotations till you reach the other end of the table. The device generates a low ‘click’ after each full rotation, so you only need to count the number of clicks. If the table ends midway through the rotation, simply add the distance covered after the final click. The radius of the disc is engraved near the center for measuring a table that is attached to a wall.

The design is fashionably simple, and it would barely take any space in your pocket. You can also attach it to your key-chain. And guess what! Rollbe is offering a stylish genuine-leather key-chain with every purchase.


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