For a musician, timing is one of the most critical elements of any performance. The groove and tempo defines a music, and getting that right is something any musician aims for.  The new Soundbrenner Core is making life easier for musicians : this 4-in-1 Smart Music Tool brings all your most essential music tools in a single watch.

The Soundbrenner core watch is a vibrating metronome, a tuner, a decibel meter and, naturally, a good-looking watch.

 The vibrating metronome features vibrations seven times stronger than smartwatches. You control the speed via a phone app and you can even tap a beat to start playing. It also offers beat training by watching your beat and correcting you when you make a mistake.

Up to five core watches can be controlled from the app, so bands can play along to the same metronome click. The app also provides a library where you can store and recall any rhythms you’ve programmed.

Perhaps the most exciting feature of Core is the removable tuner ring, which magnetically attaches to any stringed instruments. I allows you to tune your instrument even in the noisiest environments. The noisy environment considerations don’t stop there as Soundbrenner Core also features a decibel meter, that  warns you when you’re exposed to potentially harmful volume levels.

Two models are available: one made of polycarbonate and aluminum, and another from stainless steel. Both can be purchased on Indiegogo for respectively  $179 and $249. Soundrenner core watches are water and dust resistant, and can be worn with five interchangeable straps made from silicone, nylon or premium Italian leather to match your  style.


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