Kappabashi, the “Kitchen Town” of Tokyo, has anything and everything you need for your kitchen from beautiful hand made Japanese ceramics to handmade chopsticks. If you are in Tokyo, making a stop at Kamata Hakensha in Kappabashi is a must; you will come away with the highest quality of Japanese knives that will make all your gourmet friends jealous.

Kamata Hakensha is a true Japanese family business that dates back to four generations. It opened its doors in 1923, and has been selling the best Japanese knives ever since. They have over 800 knives in their store; everything from top-grade handmade knives to factory-grade knives. Prices of knives range from 2,500 yen to 180,000 yen, so whether you are a professional chef or an amateur cook, Kamata Hakensha has knives for everyone.

This shop is a true representation of Japan’s incredible craftsmanship that is slowly becoming obsolete. The English-speaking owner, Mr. Kamata, has immense knowledge on his selection of knives and can guide you to find the perfect knife for your desired purpose. Some knives have beautiful patterns of sakura (cherry-blossoms), autumn maple leaves, or chrysanthemums, making the knives even more unique. Once you have picked the perfect knife for you, Mr. Kamata can engrave your name in the blade or handle, free of charge. Tourists (and many of the most famous chefs!) hail from all corners of the world to find the perfect knife for themselves or as a souvenir for their cooking-loving friends and family.

Kamata Hakensha also offers knife-sharpening classes every Tuesday. Classes are available in both Japanese and English, and must be booked ahead of time online. If you want to become a knife sharpening expert, make sure to book ahead because seats fill up fast!

Japanese knives can truly transform the way you cook. For the most authentic and highest quality Japanese knives, visit Kamata Hakensha in the Kappabashi district of Tokyo.

Address: 2-12-6 Matsugaya Taito-ku, Tokyo


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