In this day and age where access can be granted with a swipe of a card or the scan of a retina, you may firmly believe that no other advancement in technology would really surprise you. You can never be more wrong! Token is the one ring that can let you access anything and everything that it is synchronized with.

On the outside, the Token looks like a simple yet classy ring you wear on your finger, and nobody would mistake it for anything else. In reality, the ring has the potential to carry your identity information, passwords, corporate ID sequences, and everything in between. And you don’t need to manually look up the required info on the ring. For instance, after you have synchronized the digital access codes of your office ID card on the Token, all you need to do is wave your palm in front of the access point and open your office door, provided you are wearing the ring, that is.

Similarly, you can sync your laptop password, too. Tap anywhere near the keyboard with your ring hand and the device will be unlocked in a jiffy. Same goes for house and car doors, and even credit cards for that matter. Simply hold your palm over the card scanner in any shop in order to register your credit card details.

You don’t need to worry about charging the Token ring for two whole weeks. Once the power runs down, simply place the ring on the wireless charging base included with the kit. Token is also waterproof to about 50 meters.

Admittedly, such a small gadget can easily be whisked away by any skillful thief. So here’s the kicker: once the ring leaves your finger, it will immediately become useless. All your information will be safely tucked away in the deepest recesses of its coding. The only way to access that information will be your fingerprint.

As soon as you place the ring on your finger for the first time, your fingerprint gets registered on it, thus creating an automated access code. Each time that you wear the Token ring, your fingerprint will be scanned first before unlocking the essentials trapped inside. No matter who wears it in the future, your personal information will always remain intact.



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