Do you find yourself waking up to the freezing winter morning every day? Anna Mo has set to become the pioneer of the coziest blankets the world has ever seen. With these fluffy blankets, you will never be cold again.

The founder of the Ukraine-based blanket company Ohhio, Anna Mo, began knitting these chunky wool blankets with her arms. Her arm-knitting technique and final product became such a hit online, that she decided to turn it into a business. These cloud-like blankets are made out of 100% Australian Merino wool, which is extremely soft and unimaginably light. The blankets will not only keep you incredibly warm, but will also turn your house into a Pinterest-lover’s dream; with its chic and minimalist look, this piece is an interior must-have!

Once her blankets became a hit, Anna ventured into creating jumpers and scarves that will keep you warm and bright through the dark, frosty day at work.  For DIY enthusiasts who want to knit their own blankets, scarves, or sweaters, Anna also provides state-of-the-art needles and imperial balls of Merino wool yarn along with a few useful tips. Sounds like an amazing Christmas gift for your loved ones!

Anna’s chunky blankets come in a variety of different shades including yellow, pink, blue, gray, white, and green. The blankets come in four different sizes: small, medium, large, and extra large. Considering the quality of the blankets, Anna has priced her products reasonably, starting from $295. Her biggest and coziest offering is available for around $897.

Winter is right around the corner and these fluffy blankets are a must have: get your very own Ohhio blanket here!


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