Whether you are a professional photographer or amateur photographer-wannabe, Arsenal will help you take the perfect shot every single time. Thanks to Arsenal, you are now guaranteed to capture phenomenal images and videos, from long exposures to time-lapses, without failure. Arsenal is the world’s very first artificial intelligence photography assistant that lets you control mirrorless or DSLR cameras from up to 100 feet away on an iOS or Android app. It is a small 2 ounce piece of hardware that sits on top of the camera and plugs into the USB jack, and is compatible with Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, and Sony cameras.

Arsenal’s most unique and intriguing features is its AI capabilities. From their extensive database, Arsenal identifies images that are similar and relevant to the user’s setting and environment. Based on that and a complex algorithm the creator developed, which happens to be the same algorithm used by self-driving cars, it will suggest the optimal settings in 18 different categories like shutter speed, aperture, and subject profiles. Arsenal even has the ability to take vibrations into account with its highly sensitive accelerometer. Although Arsenal suggests the best settings, users have the freedom to alter the settings in any way. Once you have found the ideal settings, simply tap on your smartphone screen to trigger the shutter. Voilà!

The founder also emphasized Arsenal’s ability to capture stunning time-lapse shots. All you have to do is set parameters and Arsenal takes care of the rest; Arsenal will adjust the exposure for the smoothest day to night transition.

With the app, photographers can even review photos instantly on their smartphones. Like the photo you just took? Share the photo with your friends on social media or send it to your parents on email right away.

Arsenal was created by Ryan Stout, a software developer and amateur landscape photographer. Ryan began working on this project on the side to automate his own photography techniques. Once he realized the extreme potential of his creation, Ryan started working on Arsenal full time.

Breathtaking photos that creator, Ryan Stout, took using Arsenal

(taken from his Instagram page @ryanstout)

Arsenal’s Kickstarter campaign will run until June 22nd, 2017. The fundraising campaign has been extremely successful, surpassing their $50,000 goal and raising $2,257,308. Early backers can snag a Kickstarter Exclusive Arsenal for just $150. Arsenal has incredible potential- get your hands on one here.


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