Second screens and displays have recently come into the limelight, and almost one in three people is taking advantage of the technology. There are two ways of converting any screen into a second display for your computer or laptop, viz. software and hardware.

Software converters consist of downloadable apps that connect the two devices. For instance, if you wish to convert a tablet into a second display for your computer, you simply need to download the relevant app in both devices and get a second screen at your disposal in no time. However, a tablet’s performance is generally not as good as that of a computer. Thus, you are bound to experience a lag between the two displays. Some applications may not even load on your tablet, rendering the second display completely useless.

That is where a hardware converter takes the cake. A hardware converter is essentially a miniature dongle that links the two devices. But why should you carry around a dongle when you can simply establish a link with an app?

The thing is, a hardware converter not only lets you connect the two devices, but also allows your tablet to tap into the performance of your PC. Your tablet will thus experience the same graphics acceleration as that of your computer. The connection will be seamless and you won’t fall prey to any frustrating lag issues.

So far, the hardware converter has only been available for Windows users. The Mac elite had to make do with mediocre software products. Not anymore! Astropad has initiated a Kickstarter campaign to develop Mac-friendly dongles which will help users turn their iPads into a second display. Prototypes were sent out to enthusiasts for a limited period. The reviewers claimed that the product outmatched the performance of most Windows-friendly dongles.

For one, there is no lag whatsoever between the two devices. It’s like you are simply looking at bigger screen! The picture quality is absolutely brilliant. Not a single patch of aberration is to be found. You will only need to plug the stamp-sized dongle into the Mini DisplayPort or a USB-C port, download an app on your iPad, and link it to your computer in seconds. Experience a doubly delightful world with the Astropad’s second-display dongle which can be pledged over Kickstarter for $59.


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