Vue Smart Glasses are too good to be true. Founders Jason Gui and Tiantian Zhang have created the next breakthrough wearable technology.

Existing smart glasses are too bulky, uncomfortable, and geeky. Vue’s chic design combines trendy with practical and makes smart glasses virtually indistinguishable from standard glasses.

Vue combines features of glasses, fitness tracker bands, and bluetooth earphones to perform a myriad of hands-free functions. Vue’s unique bone-conduction audio technology eliminates the need for earphones or bluetooth speakers for listening to music or making calls. The frames transfers sound to your inner ear without the need for earbuds. Through the touch interface on the frames, you can tap or swipe the frames to perform custom actions; users can easily create custom commands using the Vue app. Tap twice for the current time, swipe once to answer a call, tap once to snap a picture- the options are endless.

Forget fitness bands and personal health coaches. Vue’s built in accelerometer can track steps, calories, and distance traveled which will replace fitness bands. If you have been sitting down, staring at a screen, or driving for too long, Vue will remind you to walk around and take breaks.

What’s more? For forgetful people who misplace their glasses often, Vue has a Find My Glasses feature that enables you to track the whereabouts of your spectacles. And fear not, Vue’s battery can last for one week at a time. When it needs extra juice, simply place it in the wireless charging case.

Vue currently offers two styles: the “classic” and “trendy.” Both styles can be fitted with three different lens options: prescription, plain, and sunglasses. These stylish smart glasses and its effortlessly simple and convenient features are perfect for busy people on the go. Get your pair of Vue smart glasses for a shocking $269.



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