Several headphone companies have come up with peculiar ways to customize headphones that can fit any kind of ears. Some of them have generalized the most common ear shapes and dispensed models to fit each one. Others require you to visit an audiologist to assess your ear type and create the perfect earphones for you. However, who has the time to try out each headphone or visit an audiologist for a customized listening experience?!

Fit of generic earphones vs Revols earphones

The founders of Revol Technologies have developed an unique way to provide what we all crave – an automated earbud customization for every single type of ear. The best part? You don’t need to waste your time testing the various types of buds available, or setting up an appointment with the audiologist. All you need to do is to purchase the Revols, connect it to the Bluetooth based app on your phone after putting on the earphones, and wait for about 60 seconds to work its magic.

A click of a button on the phone app will send a harmless electric current to the headphone buds, molding them in the precise shape of your concha. When you first pull these exceptional headphones out of the packaging, you will notice that the buds are covered in a gel-like substance. They are wobbly and out of shape, and they will readily fit both your ears. The trick lies in hardening them to render an even better listening experience. The electric current sent from your phone will initiate the process of solidification, and by the end of a minute, you will feel the buds harden. Thus, the next time that you wear the headphones, they will easily slide into your ears.

Price is another significant advantage Revols has over traditional custom-made earphones. The traditional ones will cost you nothing less than a $1000, whereas the most basic set of Revols hail at a meager $199. Even the fanciest models retail at less than half the price of the traditional custom-made earphones. These beauties are still under pre-order, so you will need to wait a bit till they arrive at your doorstep.


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